Lush Landshaping is proud to supply the Wallgarden green wall system to customers. You now can turn any wall, fence or vertical space into a living, growing green wall or vertical edible garden!

You don't need alot of space to create a wallgarden, just a balcony in your apartment will do. We can help you grow a garden where you didn't think you could. Green walls, edible wall gardens, ornamental plants, fruiting plants and herbs. Even create a veggie patch on your balcony for your own kitchen!

Living wall planters are the latest in vertical garden technology and one of the hottest growing trends in Australia. With Lush Landshaping, you too can achieve that leafy, picturesque look with minimal space and minimal effort.

A Wallgarden uses an effective trickle down watering system that saves water by effectively dispersing equal amounts of water to all of the plants at once. To simplify it even more, we can even add an automatic drip watering system so you don't have to even think about watering when you are away from home. Gardening made even easier.

Lush green wall gardens, edible gardens, and vertical living gardens have never been easier than with the Wallgarden!

Call Lush Landshaping today on 0410 632 439 for a FREE quote to see how we can make your gardening easier and more affordable.

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