Unfortunately a grassed area that has been left to grow too long, cannot be mown and brought back to an acceptable level with one cut alone.

If a grassed area is over 30cm (12” high) it will take at least three separate services to bring the grass up to a somewhat acceptable standard.

Grass this long tends to lay down in front of the mower as the mower pushes through and does not cut cleanly. Whilst most of the grass will be cut, some will have laid down and spring up again in about two days time, leaving patches that are uneven, uncut and giving a poor cutting appearance.

To treat an area which is over grown properly and to bring it back to a somewhat acceptable standard usually requires 3 separate visits. These visits should take place at weekly intervals during the growing season and thereafter maintained with a regular cutting cycle, to be confirmed either Weekly or Fortnightly.

The first cut will slash down the grass and cut the average height from 30cm to about 10cm. The grass will be difficult to catch and if this is required it will add substantial cost to the Quote.

The second visit a week later will allow for catching of the previous cut grass as well as the cutting of the stragglers from the previous First cut.

The third visit will now allow for the grass to be cut at a height more like the accepted 5cm and giving a more lawn like look.

Please be aware this is still not going to look like a manicured lawn that is cared for on a regular basis i.e. every 1 – 2 weeks cut, fertilized every quarter and kept weed free with a weed treatment every quarter.